2 Weeks Old

Reed's Springer's is a family ran establishment.  We enjoy our girls like they are another child.  Both our son's are hands on with delivery and care for the pups and also help with basic training for the them while in our care.  They are not afraid of all the noise and bikes driving around them and enjoy participating in our fun.  We are members of the Canadian Kennel Club as are all our dogs.  Also all our girls are health tested, hips and eyes are all approved..  All our Females love joining our kids and my Husband while bird hunting and do not shy away from the gun shot and can't wait to run and grab the birds. 

The Reed family also does what ever we can to help animals in need.  We have turned our barn into a few dog runs for those who need us.  We have rescued many of dogs and found great homes for them.  We are a non profit organization and any expenses the animals need along the way comes out of our pockets. We are thankful we can help them.